Payroll Advance

Find out how you can apply for a personal loan to make the home renovation you want so much, that dream trip or to realize any project you have in mind. Meet our advantages here:
You can get better conditions on your personal loan. 

Here we detail how you can lower the type depending on the product or the products you hire:

  • By contracting Libyamazigh Consumer Loan Protection you get a reduction of -0.65%.
  • If you have the Multichannel Active contract you will enjoy a reduction of -0.20%. The multichannel contract allows you to use the different digital channels, you can operate or consult without having to go to your office.
  • If you direct your payroll or pension, 3 receipts from different issuers in the quarter and at least 3 uses with a credit or debit card per quarter, you get a -1.5% reduction.

If you have any questions or want more information about Personal Loans, we will be happy to help you
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