The best lenders to get a loan online in 24 hours

Nowadays, on the internet, getting a loan in just 24 hours is possible, thanks to the numerous sites that have accessible funding for most of the applicants. Furthermore, these portals guarantee the necessary security and transparency in transactions. In particular for those operations that concern our country.

How to get a loan online in 24 hours

How to get a loan online in 24 hours

For many Italians, borrowing, especially in this period of severe economic crisis, is fundamental, as too many people daily face a shortage of liquids dedicated solely to basic necessities, or aimed at paying certain services such as electricity and electricity gas.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, nowadays finding a credit institution able to offer a loan to a private citizen in just 24 hours is possible simply by searching online, which will draw up an updated list: the best companies addressed to this type of financing.

Surely one of the most accredited institutions and among the most known companies in Italy, which also interacts best on the web, is Astrofinance. It is known that this agency proposes advantageous conditions for all those who require the loan online. For a sum of 10 thousand euros, Astrofinance offers the applicant a deferred payment up to seven years, with a constant APR of 7.65%.

Another company that is very active online, and in constant growth with regard to the Mowgli panorama in 24 hours, is Ultranix. The Ultranix also offers the opportunity to extend the loan up to 84 installments with an editable tan and an initial rate of 6.90% and custom installments.

The best alternative

The best alternative

Before deciding to which financial institution to entrust, it would be appropriate for the applicant to evaluate the numerous estimates that the numerous sites and agencies of Mowgli propose. Finally, after a careful analysis you will be more careful and with less doubt, to have found the best financial solution for you.

New loans are underway

Good news regarding Moneyfune to businesses. In fact, the initiative of the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) has become operational, which provides for the possibility of issuing guarantees on Moneyfune aimed at small and medium enterprises. Obtaining liquidity will therefore be easier: companies looking for profitable financing can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The fact that the Fund helps companies by granting guarantees on the requested Moneyfune is very positive. It is not rare, in fact, that companies, at the time of requesting a loan online or a traditional one, see themselves refused the supply precisely because they do not meet the strict criteria of reliability adopted by the banks.

Moneyfune to companies: how the MISE Fund works

Moneyfune to companies: how the MISE Fund works

The Fund established by the Ministry for Economic Development is used to issue guarantees on Moneyfune requested by companies up to 80% of the amount disbursed. We therefore specify that the MISE does not provide the financing, but limits itself to playing a role analogous to that of a Guarantor.

For 2015, the Fund’s total budget is 30 million euros, to which donations from associations, businesses and individuals could be added to support small businesses.

Who can request the Fund’s intervention?

Who can request the Fund

SMEs and self-employed professionals or holders of VAT numbers have been eligible for the intervention of the MISE Fund for less than 5 years. The number of employees must not exceed 5, which instead rises to 10 for partnerships, simplified limited liability companies and cooperatives. Professionals must also be enrolled in the relevant professional orders or join the professional associations listed in the Mise list pursuant to law 4/2013.

What funding can be guaranteed by the Fund?

What funding can be guaranteed by the Fund?

The funds eligible for the Fund include those for the purchase of goods or services linked to the work carried out. For example, Moneyfune can benefit companies intended to cover the costs of leasing company vehicles, the costs of insurance policies taken out or those for training courses, but also the simple payment of salaries to their employees.

The loans will also have a maximum duration of 7 years and the amount disbursed cannot exceed 25,000 euros for each beneficiary. Eventually, it is also possible to obtain 35,000 euros, but only for fractioned loans subject to the achievement of certain results established in the loan contract.

How to apply for access to the Fund?

How to apply for access to the Fund?

Businesses or professionals wishing to access the Fund must go to the MISE website in the special section for granting guarantees for microcredit. If you meet the requirements it will be possible to ” book ” to access the Fund: starting from this moment you will have 5 days to find a bank that grants the loan and then confirm the reservation. At this point it will be the task of the bank itself to present the request for the issue of guarantees by the MISE within 60 days.


Bridge Loan: How Student Financing Works

For students who wish to request Isabel Archers but do not have a pay slip or special guarantees, there are special solutions. An interesting formula is Pyrobanking’s Crediter Bridge, which not only renewed its name, becoming Posteloan also its services. Let’s see in detail what it is.

Bridge loan: what is it?

Bridge loan: what is it?

Previously known as Crediter Bridge and now renamed Posteloan, this form of subsidized financing from Pyrobanking allows access to an annual credit to all deserving students. The agreement between Pyrobanking and Italian universities includes a very large number of universities, but also organizations and companies.

All students enrolled at affiliated universities can access the Posteloan by requesting the necessary authorization from their university. The amount of the loan varies according to the contracted organization, on average estimated at 5,000 euros per year for a maximum of five years.

The loan is activated by opening a current account with Pyrobanking, which will be credited with the amount granted, which can be paid in a single installment or in several quarterly or six-monthly installments. In this way, the applicant will have easy access to his credit and will be able to use a credit card specifically designed for the occasion. There are no restrictions on the use of the loan, which can be used, for example, for the payment of the rent, for the purchase of materials useful for the study and, above all, for the payment of university fees or for enrollment in courses training and masters.

As regards the repayment of the loan disbursed, moreover, this formula is interrupted only upon the actual achievement of the qualification, facilitating the transition to the world of work.

Bridge loan: advantages and requirements

Bridge loan: advantages and requirements

PerTe Loan with Praise or Bridge Loan is a very competitive and flexible form of financing, thanks to interest rates of just under 3% (APR), required only for the capital actually used. Furthermore, as already explained, the approval of the loan must not be subject to any verification of personal assets and no further personal guarantees are required, such as, for example, the parents’ signature. The debt can also be returned in advance without any additional costs, both in the event of partial or total repayment.

So what are the requirements for applying for funding? To access Posteloan the requirements are solely related to your progress in the studies. In this sense, it is necessary to check the terms of the agreement between Pyrobanking and your university before applying. In fact, there are no precise evaluation averages for the eligibility of the loan application, except for specific requests from the university. The only essential requirement, on the contrary, concerns the obtaining of training credits, which must remain constant and regularly respect the deadlines of one’s studies in order to guarantee continued access to credit.

A final distinction, finally, concerns the type of study path that is addressed. For a three-year degree course, for example, it is possible to request a loan for a total of three tranches (1 year plus one semester), with the possibility of renewal. For a single-cycle master’s degree (5 years) it is possible to request a loan for a maximum of three years, which can be spread over six tranches.

All you have to do is contact your university or the Pyrobanking official website to find out all the details about the agreement and the possibility of immediately requesting your soft loan with Posteloan.

Is it Right for a Business Capital Solution with a P2P Lending Loan?

Do you own a business and are planning to borrow money for capital? If so, are you wondering whether or not a business capital solution with a P2P Lending loan is right?

If you are starting a business and want to borrow capital other than a bank, then you are in the right place!

Capital Financing Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Capital Financing Solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Yesterday, when I was meeting my friend at a school reunion, my friend confided about his plan to start his own business.

He told me:

“If you want to start a business it’s hard to find a loan.”

My friend complained, he said, to get a loan from the bank, it was difficult for new pioneering entrepreneurs because there were limitations to the requirements.

Hearing my friend’s story, I was disappointed. How can a business grow if you start it is already complicated like this? Even though the MSME business has a very large contribution to the Indonesian economy.

All entrepreneurs definitely want to see their business grow rapidly. To achieve this desire, of course there are processes and challenges that must be passed. This is one of the challenges that is often experienced by MSME business entrepreneurs is the constraints of limited capital.

This happens, because the MSME business is called a small business, so the choice to get capital is limited. Based on data from the World Bank, in 2017, 42% of Indonesians choose their families or siblings as a reliable source of loans for business capital of the Indonesian community.

Then, in the second place with a 12% percentage there are banks or other financial institutions. It is known, the lack of public interest to borrow from banks is due to the length of the process that must be passed to get a loan. In addition, funding proposals have not been accepted.

Furthermore, the third rank is occupied by informal leaders or commonly known as loan sharks, with a percentage of 3%. From the data above, it can be concluded that many employers prefer to borrow from family or relatives rather than to banks or other financial institutions.

According to Gerald Lunati, deputy chairman of the Indonesian Fintech Association ( and Co-Founder & CEO Investree, said that the majority of banks and other institutions consider shop owners or online sellers, the majority of whom are MSMEs as a community that is not accessible to banks, or referred to as ‘ unbankable.

Gerald Lunati, Deputy Chair of the Indonesian Fintech Association and CEO of Investree.

Although the process is difficult, submitting business loans to banks and financial institutions is still the most common choice. Financial institutions that can provide loans are banks, pawnshops, and leasing institutions. The obstacle that is often experienced is that these financial institutions require the existence of an asset guarantee, as well as a minimum business scale before providing a loan.

For those of you who have large-scale business, of course this will not be a problem. However, if you are a businessman who is just about to enter the business world and your business scale is still small, of course these conditions are quite burdensome.

With these limitations, many new business people find it difficult to develop their business which has good prospects due to limited capital. Difficult procedures and the length of time from submission to the decision to be able to borrow very long and long add to the difficulties for new business people.

Seeing the bitter reality above, you don’t need to worry. Now, you new business people who want to apply for a capital loan, can use a money lending fintech platform called P2P Lending. Oh yeah, as an entrepreneur, do you know that making a good and detailed business financial plan is one of the main keys to having a successful business?

In planning your business finances, you must be able to separate your personal cash flow and business cash flow so that your business runs smoothly.

Business Capital Solutions with P2P Lending Loans

Business Capital Solutions with P2P Lending Loans

What is Peer To Peer Lending or commonly called P2P Lending? P2P Lending is a marketplace that brings together investors and parties who need funds (debtors). In practice, P2P Lending companies facilitate one party to lend funds to other parties ( peers ) without going through financial institutions such as banks. The type of financing itself is financing receivables, so that investors will place their funds to finance the debtor’s receivables before they are paid by debtor debits.

P2P Lending provides an easy application process for loan applications, both for business capital, education loans and health loans. In P2P Lending, investors are given the freedom to choose their own types of MSMEs to help. Every MSME or borrower has a different level of risk and rate of return. The greater the risk of the borrower chosen, the higher the yield provided.

From the borrower’s side, P2P Lending is considered to be very suitable for its small business because its products do not require assets or guarantees. Credit worthiness is assessed through a business and financial health data from the business.

Peer To Peer Lending has now become a business phenomenon that occurs throughout the world. In the United States, P2P Lending players have a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have grown. Then, why is P2P Lending the right solution for financing MSME business capital?

Advantage # 1: Easy Process and Fast Time

If you are still constrained by a bank loan, the process is complicated, then P2P Lending can be your answer all this time!

Business capital financing through P2P Lending will also make it easier for you to go through the application filling process. There will be no convoluted process, from the beginning you submit until the funds are liquid.

If you apply for venture capital to a bank, you will need months before the funds approved by the bank can be disbursed. This is inversely proportional to P2P Lending, where to finance P2P Lending business capital can fulfill your loan in just a matter of days even in a matter of hours.

Advantage # 2: Can Choose the Amount of Loan

If you have already applied for a capital loan to a bank, surely the bank will limit the capital loan they will provide, a maximum of only IDR 300 million for small and medium enterprises. Unlike P2P Lending, loans at P2P Lending provide a loan limit of up to Rp2 billion without collateral.

Why can P2P Lending provide a greater limit than the bank? The reason is that you can get a loan of more than one investor, so you can get a loan limit that is greater than the loan limit at the bank.

Providing business capital loans to more than one investor is called crowdfunding. This Crowdfunding provides capital together from various investors who share the same vision and mission.

This concept can benefit both parties. For investors, he has many choices for investment and can diversify his investment. As for the debtor, he can get a capital loan that is much larger and certainly faster than applying for a venture capital loan to a bank or other financial institution.

Advantage # 3: P2P Lending has been monitored by OJK

For those of you who are still hesitant to apply for a business capital loan through P2P Lending, you don’t need to worry anymore because P2P Lending has been monitored by the OJK.

So P2P Lending has officially become a financial lending institution and of course it has been licensed. So, you don’t need to hesitate about this P2P Lending.

P2P Lending is the Right Solution for Your Business

P2P Lending is the Right Solution for Your Business

The existence of P2P Lending will certainly greatly facilitate you, especially for those of you who just want to start a business but do not know where the place of submission of capital is fast and guaranteed.

Make sure you have learned every advantage and disadvantage when you take steps for your business. Also make sure you are ready when you go into business.

After reading this article, I am sure you already know that a venture capital solution with P2P loans can help your business.

Finalized loan: what it is, how to request it and benefits

The purpose of the loan unlike the generic Bandes has a main characteristic, that is, in the case of a request for this type of loan, the amount of money desired will be granted to the customer who will already have a clear idea of ​​how to use it. But let’s see together, in 5 steps, what are the aspects that differentiate a generic loan from a finalized loan.

How to recognize a finalized loan:

How to recognize a finalized loan:

Suppose you have to buy a new car, go to the dealer, choose your car and you agree with the seller for an installment payment of the final cost. But what happened? Let’s say that your car costs 15,000 euros and you pay only with the installments, as proof of the facts is as if they had loaned you 15,000 euros, which were immediately turned to the dealer to buy the car. In this way the car is immediately yours and you will only have to worry about paying the installments. As you will have seen, this type of loan is nothing more than a loan like any other, which is granted when the motivation is already established for which you want to get money, such as for a vacation, to renovate your home and so Street.

How to apply for a specific loan:

How to apply for a specific loan:

In many cases it will be the retailers who offer you this type of loan which, having often an agreement with banks or financial institutions, is allowed to indicate a loan. Sometimes this service can make the seller pay a fee from the banks. If, on the other hand, you want to request this type of loan, you will have to go to the bank with a cost estimate to ensure the reason for the loan.



The relevant advantage of this type of loan will certainly be the speed of delivery. But sometimes from retailers you can also take advantage of some promotions or conventions that, for example, can discount the rate applied or postpone the payment of the first installments.



The payment of the installments is calculated as a normal loan, in fact in the contract, the number of installments to be paid, their value and their expiry will be indicated. Insurance policies can be agreed and TAN and APR will be shown.



Like all Bandes there will be no real guarantees (mortgage). Let’s take the example of the car for a moment, we must not assume that, in the event of failure to pay the installments, the dealer will take the car back and finish there. In fact, at the time of purchase, even if perhaps we are not all aware of it, we have drawn up two commercial agreements : one with the dealer and one with the bank that granted us the loan, and in the case of non-payment it will be the latter to solicit us and not the dealer.

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